Saturday, September 15, 2018

Crown by Jesse Teller (The Manhunters Trilogy, #3)

by Jesse Teller

Trilogy - The Manhunters - Book 3
Publication Date: October 5, 2018
Publisher: Jesse Teller
Genre: Epic Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 323 pages
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Brody Bedlam, immortal source of chaos, has taken over the crime network of the oldest city in the nation, holding the mayor in his pocket and the citizens in fear. Rayph and his Manhunters move to usurp him, but the street war brings casualties Rayph cannot justify. With his crew unraveling and pressure mounting from the unsatisfied king, will this mission be Rayph’s end?

Crown by Jesse Teller (The Manhunters Trilogy, #3)

Crown (The Manhunters, #3)Is this the end for the Manhunters? Is it time to go home and let others take up the mantle of protection? Or is it too late? Have Rayph’s sacrifices been for nothing? Has he grown calloused to suffering in favor of winning? Has he allowed his magic to overpower all else? Is he the man he was on the beginning of his quest, filled with compassion, love and loyalty?

Rapyh has grown in power, his magic is fierce, yet he has always known when to rely on his allies for aid in his battles. Enemies will meet on the battlefield and heroes will once again, die. Will Rayph question his role? Is it time for him to let the king take up his position as protector of his lands and people?

Once more, resolves will be tested, blood will be shed and evil will return, but there is a feeling of “it’s time.” Time for Rayph to go home, time for Thomas to stand strong, time for others to use the power of magic as warriors.

As in his previous Manhunters books, Jesse Teller immerses us in his world of magic and mayhem as his characters come to life and we live each scene and every conflict alongside them. From the smallest detail to the dialogue and internal exchanges, Mr. Teller has given us powerful writing in a world that is as raw in its strife as it is beautiful in his words.

CROWN is truly a crowning glory for this author and a fitting end of an enchanting saga.

Whether you are an epic fantasy devotee or not, this trilogy is a memorable treasure!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Jesse Teller!

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