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Felicity Found by Lara Ward Cosio (Rogue Series, #6)

Felicity Found
by Lara Ward Cosio

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Rogue Series - Book 6
Publication Date: November 1, 2018
Publisher: Lara Ward Cosio
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 285 pages
Available from: Amazon
I am a fortunate person. I have had great disappointments in life that have been overshadowed by even greater blessings - that includes my husband, world-renowned rock guitar god, Conor Quinn, and our two beautiful babies.

So, why does everything feel so off?

My wife is slapdash and barely has her head above water but she still makes it all work, despite how she tears herself down over not being perfect. I think she's an amazing mother. Until I come home one night to find her in a rare state.

How am I going to fix her?
Felicity Found by Lara Ward Cosio (Rogue Series, #6)

Felicity Found (Rogue Series Book 6)Talk about a fly–on-the-wall experience! Lara Ward Cosio leads us back into the world of the band, Rogue and once again we are going to see that even the rich and famous are human, with frailties, flaws and all of the challenges that life creates. For some, the fame only brings greater challenges and Conor and Felicity’s life together are being tested to the limits.

Felicity is caught up in the turmoil of being a good wife, a good mother and of living up to the impossible standards she has set for herself. Raging hormones, a husband she thinks every woman in the world wants, feeling unworthy of his love, pretty much feeling “not enough.”

Conor is well aware of his sexual magnetism and before Felicity, he took advantage of every opportunity provided, yet he is unfamiliar with a real relationship and is far from understanding what is wrong with Felicity, their love life and the closeness they once had.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but Conor has over-stepped the line in his concern for “fixing” Felicity. Have his sexual appetites been his driving force in getting Felicity help? Perhaps he has finally learned what is important in life now that he has a family. Perhaps not, when opportunities are thrown in his face...Can Felicity forgive him? Has she found herself, realizing she CAN be strong and there is no such thing as “perfect?”

What an emotional tsunami! FELICITY FOUND is going to resonate with any person who has felt inferior, overwhelmed and hopeless. Lara Ward Cosio has hit on some hot topics, including postpartum depression. Felicity has become one hot mess, but I do have to say, although there were times when Conor impressed me, there were more times when I almost despised his ego.

Ms. Cosio has presented a moving story guaranteed to evoke emotional responses from readers. That said, this “extra” slice of life with the band packs a huge punch and leaves a very strong impression, proving the strength of this author’s ability to pull readers in and grab them by the heart!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Lara Ward Cosio!

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