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The Rancher Takes A Family by Paula Altenburg

The Rancher Takes a Family

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Written by: Paula Altenburg
Print Length: 163 pages
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Publication Date: October 11, 2018
Genre: Western Contemporary Romance
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Rugged rancher Jake McGregor wrangles cattle better than kids, but when he's suddenly saddled with three grieving children, he's determined to step up. His sister's kids shouldn't pay for her error in judgment in naming him guardian. Problem is, he doesn't have a clue what he's doing. And the woman who attempts to help with his every fumble is the one woman he wants to steer clear of...

Lacey Anderson loves a challenge, but Jake's already broken her heart once. When his tall shadow darkens the doorway of her classroom, she's ready to shut him out - until she meets her new students, and sees the desperation in Jake's eyes. Emotional intelligence is so not his forte. But she's done banging her head against that wall.

Jake, however, is finally ready to learn how to love and Lacey’s the teacher he wants. Is she willing to risk her own heart again to teach him?
The Rancher Takes a Family (The Montana McGregor Brothers Book 1)The Rancher Takes a Family by Paula Altenburg

Jake McGregor, rancher, is left his sister three small children when she and her parents are killed in an airplane crash. Not only is Jake devastated by the loss of his own parents, sister and her husband but now he must become guardian to three children who lost their parents and grandparents. Ranching is a tough life, but he is up to the challenge. His two brothers also come home to the ranch and help him.

Lacey Anderson was not expecting Jake, the man that broke her heart, to come to her school with children in tow. But she can’t help that her heart goes out for Jake and the children now in his charge.

Sparks fly and emotions go into over drive when you delve into The Rancher Takes a Family. It is a tender, heartfelt storytelling. I really loved that Jake with some help from his siblings, was able to handle the children on his own. So when he pursues Lacey, although assisted with her child knowledge, Jake was there because he wanted to make her a part of his life and not looking for someone to take over the child rearing responsibility...Swoon worthy.

The Rancher Takes a Family is one of those feel good romances with a cast of characters that will make you smile, out right laugh out loud and even feel your heart expand to encompass their plight.

I received this ARC copy of The Rancher Takes a Family from Tule Publishing. This is my honest and voluntary review. The Rancher Takes A Family is set for publication Oct. 11, 2018.

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