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Why? A Complicated Love by Daniel Kemp

Why A Complicated Love
by Daniel Kemp

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publisher: Creativia; 1 edition (February 24, 2014)
Publication Date: February 24, 2014
Genre: Suspense
Print Length: 87 pages
Available from: Amazon

Why? Is a story set in a web of despair, sex, unreachable emotion and love.

One man's crippling injuries, caused by an unprovoked, vicious attack, ruins the lives of everyone around him. This includes Terry Meadows, a nineteen-year-old boy who falls in love with the main character's daughter Laura, twenty-seven years before the opening of the story.

The twisted, interconnecting matrix in which Francis, Laura's father, lives, destroys and distorts his daughter's image of life beyond repair. It is a sad tragedy with an unexpected ending.

Why? A Complicated Love by Daniel Kemp

Why A Complicated LoveNineteen-year-old Terry thought it was his lucky night when a beautiful, older woman took him home for a night of uncomplicated sex. He hadn’t expected to meet Sammy’s daughter, Laura or to feel something akin to love at first sight.

Terry also hadn’t planned on the twisted control and domination of Laura’s father, a man whose poisoned mind and crippled body would dictate Terry’s future, with the caveat he was NOT to touch Laura. Welcome to the dark world of Daniel Kemp’s gritty and dark romantic tale, WHY? A COMPLICATED LOVE, a story spanning decades and fated to end tragically, yet fittingly in so many ways.

Daniel Kemp doesn’t shy away from raw details or human flaws and weaknesses. He also doesn’t apologize for making his readers uncomfortable or for the shock value he creates as we are left shaking our heads at how these events could have played out this way. Mr. Kemp is a master at storytelling for adults.

Short, but intense, WHY? is one of those reads that will stick in your head as you toy with “why” it had to end this way or so soon…

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