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Assassins of Riaz by Michael Drakich

Assassins Of Riaz
by Michael Drakich

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 24, 2018
Publisher: Michael Drakich
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 340 pages
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In Riaz, the profession of assassin is an honored one. Hired throughout the other eight realms, their use of powerful magic to complete assignments makes them a valuable commodity. When a regional trade negotiation is scheduled in their capital city of Lymos, the demand for the skills of the assassins is sure to change the dynamic of the meetings. Caught in the maelstrom of political intrigue is young Kero, the ward of the assassin lord. He’s joined by Darlee, a girl from Sechland with her own magical powers, and Prince Brumaine of Morica, as each of them struggle to navigate the affair in their own way. Will old animosities prevail, or can new alliances alter the path toward all-out war. 

Assassins of Riaz by Michael Drakich

Assassins Of RiazIt was supposed to be a peaceful meeting of past enemies to negotiate mutually profitable trade agreements, but Riaz is about to become a hotbed of political intrigue, magical mayhem and deceit. In a city where assassins are honored and their skills prized throughout the realms, their powerful guild may prove there is more honor among killers than in the houses of the rulers of realms.

ASSASSINS OF RIAZ by Michael Drakich is magic and fantasy at its best as a young girl, powerful in her magic, the ward of the leader of the Assassins Guild, another magic user and a young prince of little substance will do all in their power to prevent a war that appears inevitable. After the murder of the prince’s brother, all evidence will point to an old enemy, but is someone else behind the travesty? Are there dark powers biding their time to overtake all of the realms? Blood will run on the streets, magic will wreak havoc in the world as mage stands against mage, sword against sword and deceit and fear will cloud the hearts of men. Will the power and strength of trust survive? Demons play in the shadows, but nothing is more sinister than the dark hearts of men with a lust for power.

Fall into a world where magic exists, honor is a rare commodity and walk the streets of a world where taverns are loud, ships ride the seas and feel as if you have stepped back in time as well as into another plane of existence. Meet Kero, the assassin lord’s ward, with his untrained magic, his street smarts and youthful naiveté. Darlee, an orphan with powerful magic, a feisty sense of right and wrong and a scarred body will push Kero to his talent’s limits as they team up with Prince Brumaine, once a wastrel dandy who comes of age when his realm needs him most. Action, adventure, growing pains and the ultimate danger await these young people as their worlds collide at the end of both blades and magic.

Michael Drakich writes for all ages and brings a tale to life that will entice any reader who looks for engaging storytelling, characters to admire or detest and a richly detailed plot that unfolds with mind-boggling energy! Easy to read, hard to put down, highly recommended reading that never lets up, page after page!

I received a complimentary copy from Michael Drakich!

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