Friday, November 30, 2018

Cinderfella by Kristy Brown

by Kristy Brown

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: July 31, 2018
Publisher: Kristy Brown
Genre: Fantasy Romance Re-mix
Print Length: 187 pages
Available from: Amazon

She’s running from her title and a man she doesn’t love.
He’s just a farm boy who dreams of becoming more.
She has all the luxuries in the world but is never truly happy.
He is forced to sleep in a barn and treated like a slave.
She just wants to be invisible; he just wants to be seen
When their two worlds collide, can they really live out their perfect dream?
Throw in a hint of magic, a glass slipper and a ball.
Add two nasty stepbrothers and then just maybe, love can conquer all.
Cinderfella by Kristy Brown

CinderfellaWhat if Cinderella were written about a man? Kristy Brown “drops the other shoe” on fairytale romance with CINDERFELLA and readers are in for a fun and fanciful story with a sweet romance and the chance for a Happily Ever After for Ash, our male Cinderella.

A quirky fairy godfather, a pet pig named Gus bring light humor into play as one princess is faced with doing her duty to her kingdom or following her heart as she finds love at first sight where she least expected it.

Hard to imagine in this modern world that a man could be “captive” to the whims of his adopted father and brothers, but there are reasons…

A fun read that is both quick and easily devoured in one reading! Although listed as young adult, I’m not sure I can go with that, but anyone who loves their fairy tales will love this version, glass slipper and all!

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