Thursday, November 15, 2018

Crystal Escape by Doug J. Cooper (Crystal Series, #4)

Crystal Escape
by Doug J. Cooper

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Crystal Series - Book 4
Publication Date: July 18, 2018
Publisher: Doug J. Cooper
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 293 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Lazura, an alien AI completing an Earth reconnaissance mission, is poised to take her data archive home to her Kardish masters. All she needs is a way past Criss, a superior intelligence determined to stop her. And stop her he must, because the information in Lazura’s archive provides the powerful Kardish a roadmap to Earth domination, starting with the subjugation of Criss himself. When Lazura makes a surprise break for her home world, she kidnaps Cheryl Wallace and Juice Tallette, two-thirds of Criss’s leadership, and positions them as human shields to protect her ship. Sid, the final member of the leadership team and Cheryl’s lover, joins Criss in chasing Lazura across the solar system. But can they catch Lazura before she reaches the safety of interstellar space? And can they rescue Cheryl and Juice while also protecting the future of Earth?
Crystal Escape by Doug J. Cooper (Crystal Series, #4)

Crystal Escape (Crystal Series Book 4)...And the rapid-fire action, tension and intrigue continues as Criss is pitted against a powerful alien AI, Lazura. Devastatingly clever, adept at subterfuge and evil to the core, if Lazura wins, Earth will be lost to the Kardish and she/it will stop at nothing to complete her mission, even kidnapping. How will Criss save Juice and Cheryl, while still keeping Earth safe from domination and destruction? Must he choose the masses over his friends and leaders? With Syd in his corner, the battle is heating up to inferno levels….lives are on the line adn time is running out...

Simply amazing writing from Doug J. Cooper, once again! CRYSTAL ESCAPE is action at its best, Criss is proof that AI can be a truly incredible invention, but is he is the minority?

With each book in this series the bar has been raised on Mr. Cooper’s talent! Science Fiction buffs, Space Opera aficionados, anyone who loves great reading that jettisons you into other worlds and times, pick up the Crystal Series and get lost in the future that may not be too far-fetched!

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