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Hearts Abroad by Skye McNeil (The Atlas Series, #1)

Hearts Abroad
by Skye McNeil

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Atlas Series - Book 1
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing (February 2, 2019)
Publication Date: February 2, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Number of pages: 344
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
When a fun-loving American nanny turns a millionaire British single dad’s world upside down, it’s inevitable life is going to get complicated.

Taking a break from screenwriting in New York City, Londyn Bellerose takes a nannying job in Colorado to get away from the hubbub. A summer to live without regrets is all she wants. While her boss is British, gorgeous, and a millionaire, he has no clue how to have fun. Determined to mend the relationship between father and daughters, Londyn doesn’t expect to fall for the museum curator.

Londyn is American and everything Callum Archer swore to never fall for again. With her carefree spirit and energetic smile, she’s perfect to nanny Callum’s two daughters. The problem is she’s also perfect for him. She’s sassy, musical, and tends to speak her mind more than she means to.

When old history and new dreams threaten her happily ever after, will Londyn and Callum’s love survive?

Hearts Abroad by Skye McNeil (The Atlas Series, #1)

Hearts Abroad (The Atlas Series #1)Ready for a fun, feel-good romance that will make you smile, because it is just so darn cute? Skye McNeil has one that just might be your cup of tea when one quirky American screenwriter finds herself way off, off Broadway as a nanny for a very proper Englishman’s young daughters in the mountains of Colorado.

Londyn is bright, sunny, sassy and so not what Callum was prepared for, but she might be just what he needs to loosen that stiff upper lip. Although the attraction is there, this is slow building romance with lots of flirting, some fun family time, a stuffy grandmother, a hot chauffeur and even a butler who could rival Batman’s Alfred!

Sometimes we all need a little feel-good reading with little hearts and flowers floating off the pages and HEARTS ABROAD fills the bill perfectly! Sweet and spicy, and just light enough to leave a smile on your face!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Skye McNeil!

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