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Nobody's Duke by Scarlett Scott (League of Dukes, #1)

Nobody's Duke
by Scarlett Scott

My rating: 4 stars

Series: League of Dukes - Book 1
Publisher: Happily Ever After Books, LLC (January 8, 2019)
Publication Date: January 8, 2019
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 277 pages
Available from: Amazon
A widow with secrets
When the dangerous men who killed her husband in a political assassination threaten Ara, Duchess of Burghly, the Crown assigns her a bodyguard. But the man charged with protecting her is no stranger.

He's Clayton Ludlow, the bastard son of a duke and the first man she ever loved. Eight years after he took her innocence and ruthlessly abandoned her, he's back in her drawing room and her life.

This time, she's older, wiser, and stronger. She will resist him at any cost and make him pay for the past.

A spy with a broken heart
She's the only woman Clay ever loved and the one he hates above all others. When Ara brutally betrayed and deceived him, leaving him with a scarred face and a bitter heart, he devoted himself to earning his reputation as one of the Crown's most feared agents.

He wants nothing more than to finish his assignment so that he can remove all traces of her from his life forever. But walking away from her for good won't be as easy as he thinks.

As secrets are revealed and danger threatens Ara, Clay discovers that the truth is far more complicated than deceit. Once she's back in his arms where she belongs, he'll wage the biggest fight of all to keep her there.

Nobody's Duke by Scarlett Scott (League of Dukes, #1)

Nobody's Duke (League of Dukes Book 1)Eight years before, they were young and in love, planning to go away to start their lives together, but assumed betrayals and brutal prejudice tore them apart. Now Clayton Ludlow bastard son of a duke is back to protect Duchess Araminta and her young son after the political murder of her husband. Will their broken hearts make his task impossible or will it re-open old wounds and further betray the love they still secretly harbor?
Scarlett Scott’s NOBODY’S DUKE is historical romance at its most frustrating, heartbreaking and heartwarming as we witness two lovers tentatively break down the walls they built to hide their pain and discover that true love can never die.

Fabulous characters, all damaged in their own way, some with secrets that they have long kept hidden and lots of action between the sheets. I loved the characters, the tension and all of their interactions. What I had a problem with? The sensual scenes became cut and paste to me. GAH! I know, I know… I can’t help it, but every scene included the same phrases, the same actions and dare I say, I got bored with the dancing in the sheets?

BUT, the rest of the story had me, lock, stock and heart strings as Scarlett Scott presented a second chance romance against the odds, as well as times.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Scarlett Scott!

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