Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Coda by Keith Knapp

by Keith Knapp

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: March 13, 2019
Publisher: Keith Knapp
Genre: Horror | Dark Fiction
Print Length: 549 pages
Available from: Amazon


After a devastating earthquake hits Los Angeles, a group of survivors find themselves whisked away to a place known only as The Town. It is there that they will face their inner-most demons and relics of the past as they try to find a way out and back to reality.

But an evil presence awaits them there. It knows their fears, their sins and their lies and will do anything to keep them right where they are.

Coda by Keith Knapp

CodaThe terror of an earthquake, cars tossed about like so many matches and a group of survivors struggling to save lives…only to find themselves in a barren land filled with demonic beasts, robotic strangers and a land that shouldn’t be. Have they survived the earthquake only to die in a hellish otherworld? How do they get back to the world they left behind?

CODA by Keith Knapp is a terrifyingly dark journey into an unknown that will bring strangers together, bringing out the best of many in the worst of times. A mother searching for her daughter, a special needs young man, a widower and more will experience life beyond the veil as ghosts from the past come alive and the hounds of hell hunger for human flesh…where have they landed? Are they dead? Alive? Is this hell or something different?

Keith Knapp has a five star plot, five star characters, and cloaks it all in a dark and gritty tale that is as mesmerizing as it is original and eerie. I loved the story, the heart and the constant action throughout. What I found hard jarring was the multitude of quirky or snarky little witticisms that became tedious and overdone. Perhaps it was just me, wanting to stay within each page’s moment!

A fabulously dark read for those who dare take a walk into the unknown…

I received a complimentary copy from Keith Knapp!

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