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Shark's Bite by Bethany Maines (Shark Santoyo Crime Series, #2)

Shark's Bite
by Bethany Maines

Series: Shark Santoyo Crime Series - Book 2
Publisher: Blue Zephyr Press (April 17, 2018)
Publication Date: April 17, 2018
Genre: Crime Thriller
Print Length: 246 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Shark has been doing his time in the suburbs and doing his best to stay away from Peregrine Hays. But when Shark becomes the target of a crooked ATF agent, he has no choice but to call on Peri. Peri has her own reasons for being interested in Agent Fowler. As they attempt to close down Fowler’s operation, Shark and Peri must contend with an angry biker gang, Shark’s smoking hot parole officer, Peri’s alcoholic uncle, and their own undeniable attraction to one another. Can Shark walk the knife edge between his gang and the law to bring down Fowler and get back into the upper echelons of The Organization? 
Shark's Bite by Bethany Maines
(Shark Santoyo Crime Series, #2)

Shark's BiteShark and Peregrine are back and the bad guys better beware, because these two are out to take a bite out of crime, but who are the bad guys and who are the even “badder” guys? Just because someone wears a badge, they aren’t necessarily batting for law and order. Will these two get caught in the crossfire? Will Shark’s cover be blown? How will he move up in “The Organization” while chasing down bad guys as he pretends to be one, himself? I know, I know, the webs we weave and all that, but Shark does have a secret weapon, Peri, whether he likes it or not…

Bethany Maines has struck reading gold once again with SHARK’S BITE and I couldn’t be happier! Humor, heart, a touch of forbidden romance, tons of action, bad guys being bad, good guys being bad and did I mention Peri being Peri? The young woman is more than brilliant, she is deviously brilliant with a bark that isn’t nearly as dangerous as her own bite.

Fabulous reading, amazing characters and over-the-top scenes do more than pull readers in, Bethany Maines has created a world that comes alive with a raw intensity that runs nonstop from start to finish!

If you like something fresh, entertaining and love to see the bad guys get outsmarted more often than not, this series needs to be on your reading list!

I received a complimentary edition from Bethany Maines!

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