Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Torn by Vengeance by Sally Brandle (Love Thrives in Emma Springs, #2)

Torn by Vengeance
by Sally Brandle

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Love Thrives in Emma Springs - Book 2
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, LLC (May 22, 2019)
Publication Date: May 22, 2019
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 294 pages
Available from: Amazon
A Seattle lawyer must trust a hunky Montana doctor for help when a secret from her past threatens his town and her career.

Look over your shoulder, he's watching...
Corrin Patten is solidly on a path to make partner in a prestigious Seattle law firm when an ominous threat from her past turns deadly. She can handle circumstances necessitating a temporary move to the backwater town of Emma Springs, but its charming physician is another matter, as she’s issued a permanent moratorium on men. 
Dr. Kyle Werner revels in trust from patients he regularly treats in a community he's never wished to leave. Yet, Emma Springs lacks one thing, a woman to share his perfectly bucolic life. He's read about pheromone attraction, but never experienced desire until meeting Corrin. They make an unbeatable team, but convincing her that his interest is sincere while they dissect layers of deceit requires the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. Can they defeat the wealthy stalker bent on mistaken revenge against Corrin and destruction of the peaceful Montana setting?
If you thrive on tenacious heroines, sizzling attraction, and a shadowy villain with a grudge, you’ll love this prescription for thrills.
Torn by Vengeance by Sally Brandle
(Love Thrives in Emma Springs, #2)

Torn by Vengeance (Love Thrives in Emma Springs, #2)Someone lurking in the shadows wants revenge and the bullseye is firmly planted on Corrin Patten’s back. Her one goal has been to make partner in a prestigious law firm, to have security and a life she has earned. There is no time for men, love or lust, but when the pretty Corrin sets foot in Emma Springs, she never expected to be beholding to the handsome and very single Dr. Kyle Werner. She also wasn’t prepared for his charming father, the warmth of the small town with the freezing temperatures or the monster from her past who was back to collect a debt she never owed.

Sally Brandle’s TORN BY VENGEANCE is a tale of survival, love when you least expect it and learning to live in the moment, not for future goals that may never bring the satisfaction one supposes.

From the start, feel the darkness of well-aged evil, as the suspense builds somewhere just out of our view. Then feel the lightness of that tentative dance of romance as two people find that special attraction, tiptoeing around the obvious. Intense drama unfolds as one man uses his wealth and power to destroy what he failed to destroy before. Will Corrin survive this time? When will she discover she is a marked woman? Will she get her chance at her own form of revenge?

Riveting, romantic and peppered with moments that are as heartwarming as they are heart aching, as two souls find strength in each other, but will it be a forever love? Sally Brandle's latest addition to her Love Thrives in Emma Springs series raises the bar on her writing talent!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Sally Brandle! This is my honest review.

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