Friday, July 26, 2019

Nightmares Live Here by James Agee, Jr., Richard Cardenas, Luke Griffith & Katie Johns

Nightmares Live Here
by James Agee Jr.

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Treasure Ink Press (August 9, 2019)
Publication Date: August 9, 2019
Genre: Short Story Collection | Horror
Print Length: 77 pages
Available from: Amazon

Frightening stories that are sure to give you nightmares. Featuring four chilling tales:

Mind the Mud by James Agee Jr.

What happens when warnings are ignored? Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. An old adage that is buried in myth and folklore, mind the mud, might prove to be more of a warning than one might have imagined.

The Legend of Grimshaw by Richard Cardenas

With her town seemingly haunted by the demented ghost of a clown, a teenage girl takes it upon herself to find out if the so-called urban legends are true. But what she discovers might take her breath away... literally.

Rekindling by Luke Griffith

Jack receives a strange invite to his ex-girlfriend's house. Out of pity, he decides to go. After arriving he realizes something about the family just isn’t the same anymore.

Monster Mash Date Fright by Katie Johns

A poetic long-form tale of girls, ghouls, and school dances alongside other horrors of adolescence weave a contemporary twist with Edgar Allan Poe and pop culture references.
Nightmares Live Here
James Agee, Jr., Richard Cardenas,
Luke Griffith & Katie Johns

Nightmares Live HereFour talented authors, four unique tales guaranteed to put your senses on high alert!
Welcome to the dark side with NIGHTMARES LIVE HERE as James Agee Jr., Richard Cardenas, Luke Griffith and Katie Johns take turns sharing a short story perfect for a “cold and lonely night,” or for those who aren’t quite so brave, a hot and sunny day!

MIND THE MUD by James Agee Jr. isn’t a tale of parental admonitions to stay clean, it is a warning, one that proved a horrifying lesson when ignored. Trust me, you will think of this tale the next time mud crosses your path, because what lies beneath it? One never knows…

THE LEGEND OF GRIMSHAW by Richard Cardenas is a ghost story about a clown and one girl who pushed the envelope to prove or disprove the local urban legend. The suspense is high and come on, how many of us really like clowns, anyway? Trust me, after reading this, you will be re-thinking that trip to the carnival!

REKINDLING by Luke Griffith could have been a love story about second chances, but for Jack, an invitation to his ex-girlfriend’s house is anything but romantic. Sometimes you should NEVER go back! Lots of chill-building dialogue, a true sense of impending doom!

MONSTER MASH DATE FRIGHT by Katie Johns is definitely the most unique of these tales and if you ever thought all forms of poetic verse was snooze-worthy, this horrific little tale is going to change your mind! One teenage boy is about to find out there is more to fear at the school dance than stepping on someone’s toes!

Fun, frightful reading to be hacked away at one tale at a time or just plowed through at once! Each story is well-written, quickly ramps up the creep factor and will give a reader something to think about after!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from James Agee Jr.! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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