Saturday, October 5, 2019

Onslaught of Madness by Jesse Teller (The Madness Wars - Book 1)

Onslaught of Madness
by Jesse Teller

Series: The Madness Wars - Book 1
Publication Date: October 5, 2019
Publisher: Jesse Teller
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 870 pages
Available from: Amazon

The Drine war machine needs to be constantly fed and has turned its sights on Tienne. Warlord Rextur devoted his life to planning this invasion, so how did he lose the element of surprise? And who is this emerging rival Peter Redfist? He can’t be much of a problem. The god of destruction has long favored Rextur. His faith is strong and his legions mighty. Who could withstand their onslaught? 
Onslaught of Madness by Jesse Teller
(The Madness Wars - Book 1)

Onslaught of Madness (The Madness Wars, #1)Jesse Teller has been hard at work creating a new world, new turmoil and delving deep into the minds of his characters and their actions. The result is a new series spearheaded by ONSLAUGHT OF MADNESS, a tale of strife and war and humanity at both its best and worst.

A battle-crazed nation will finally enact its well-planned war against a refined and educated land in its quest to overtake total power and control. One warlord is about to realize his life’s goal, ready or not, but is Rextur the mad monster he is fabled to be? What his plans unleash will change the face of the land forever and new heroes will rise to stand against the ONSLAUGHT OF MADNESS both the man so named and the horrors he can unleash.

Follow and witness this tale through the eyes of multiple characters as foreigners and noblemen alike stand to protect Tienne from the Drine war machine. Familiar faces will emerge from other tales of Perilisc, even as new faces will become forces that drive this epic fantasy.

Jesse Teller has the ability to create worlds and characters that become living, breathing and growing entities. He weaves multiple stories into one kaleidoscope of words and does so without missing a beat and this time out is no exception! Fascinating subplots, earthy characters, violence, magic and through it all, you know you have left reality behind and entered into the magical realm of an epic storyteller.

Epic fantasy lovers will devour this tome and savor every word!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Jesse Teller! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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