Monday, March 16, 2020

The Targeted Pawn by Sally Brandle (Love Thrives in Emma Springs #3)

The Targeted Pawn
by Sally Brandle

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Love Thrives in Emma Springs - Book 3
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (March 18, 2020)
Publication Date: March 18, 2020
Genre: Mature Romance | Suspense
Print Length: 283 pages
Available from: Amazon

Threats forced her to flee Seattle. Honor binds him to Montana. A second chance at love tethers them together.

Elon Hardy’s romance skills are rusty after a loveless marriage ends, but upon meeting hunky rancher, Rane Calderon, sparks blaze hotter than her welding torch. To support her collegiate sons, she’s determined to acquiesce to the bullheaded, female-phobic boss until her divorce finalizes from her deceitful husband.

A woman Rane trusted ruined his life, and at forty, he won’t be fooled again. Blisteringly mad he’s hired a female bearing a man’s name, he fights attraction for the curvy, determined brunette while thwarting efforts to build a private prison atop his Blackfeet ancestors’ burial ground.

Can Elon and Rane realize love doesn’t have a “best used before date”? If you enjoy smoldering romance, mercenary villains, and rescued animals, you’ll love escaping again to Emma Springs, Montana. 
The Targeted Pawn by Sally Brandle

The Targeted Pawn (Book 3)She was desperate to survive the divorce from her manipulative and deceitful husband. Moving far from home to take a job that will support both her and her teen sons, Elon Hardy finds a job in Montana, but her hard as nails, bullheaded new boss seems determined to see her fail.

Burned by his own heartbreak, Rane is not about to trust another woman at her word, even though there is something about Elon’s inner strength and determination that draws him to her. He has enough on his plate trying to keep his ranch safe from the bulldozers of “progress” trying to desecrate the Blackfoot burial grounds.

When Elon is mysteriously put in danger time after time, the honorable Rane finds a fierceness to protect her he couldn’t fight. It has become them against the world.

Sometimes real love comes when you aren’t looking for it. Sometimes it comes later in life, but will it come too late for Elon and Rane?

Sally Brandle has taken the worst of humanity and pitted that evil against the best of humanity, the ability to love and trust. A sweet, second chance, mature romance against all odds! Easy to read, filled with action, truly vile characters and characters that you cannot help but root for! Nothing graphic, this love story doesn’t need it!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Sally Brandle! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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