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Engaging the Heiress by Juli D. Revezzo (Camden Girls, #2)

Engaging the Heiress
by Juli D. Revezzo

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Camden Girls - Book 2
Publisher: Raven Queen Publications (June 15, 2020)
Publication Date: June 15, 2020
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 307 pages
Available from: Amazon

Mr. Edwin Hetherington needs a fiancée he will never have to marry.Years ago, his family lost everything to an unscrupulous Irish landlord. Now, the fellow offers to make amends by reinstating Edwin’s family title and properties forfeited during the famine, if he weds Miss Jera Camden, a young woman Edwin pines for but has never approached with more than polite conversation.

As far as Jera is concerned, so long as she manages to avoid an unwanted Scottish-born suitor of her mother’s choosing, the bluestocking is happy to play the part of Edwin’s blushing bride-to-be.

Can Edwin and Jera dupe the crafty landlord into making good on his promise before the wedding date arrives … or will their best-laid plans result in disaster?
Engaging the Heiress by Juli D. Revezzo (Camden Girls, #2)

Engaging the Heiress (Camden Girls, #2)Juli D. Revezzo lights up the reading world with another historical romance between two amazing characters one cannot help but wish the very best for. Step back in time and witness the game of love unfold in ENGAGING THE HEIRESS. You’ll be glad you did!

Edwin needs a wife, but only to win back what was stolen from his family, their lands and their family title. It would seem the man responsible now wants to make amends, or is there more to his change of heart than meets the eye?

Jera has been promised to a man she has no desire to marry, but her mother has chosen for her. She is no shrinking Violet and women shouldn’t be treated as property to buy and sell or marry off.

Miss Jera Camden has long been the object of Edwin’s fancy, but only from afar, after all, what does he have to offer a well-heeled young woman? Perhaps they can do each other a favor and act out a growing affection that would suit both of their purposes, but will they find they have more in common than achieving their end goals? Will Cupid get the last laugh in their charade?

Rich in detail, filled with moments of humor, feel Edwin’s uncertainty and Jera’s determination come to life as they attempt to pull off the impossible only to find their lives changed forever! A fun read with a definite feel of a time when propriety was everything and following the rules was expected, which makes these two “rulebreakers” even more endearing!

I received a complimentary copy from Juli D. Revezzo! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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