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An Inconvenient Attraction by Hope Malory (Azalea Valley Series, #5)

An Inconvenient Attraction
by Hope Malory

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Azalea Valley Series - Book 5
Publisher : Soul Mate Publishing, LLC (September 2, 2020)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length : 210 pages
Available from: Amazon

Escaping the summer heat of New Orleans turns into a dangerous floodwater rescue for Dr. Lilly Barnesworth. Meeting hunky Derrick May, father of a rescued boy, interrupts her self-prescribed remedy of a retreat with her young daughters to heal wounds from her recent divorce.

Derrick is on a ‘not interested’ basis with women after being ditched by his ex-wife. Seeing Lilly in action saving his asthmatic son forces a crack in his resolve.

Both single parents fight their mutual skyrocketing attraction and neither expects Azalea Valley’s small-town magic to fuel their relationship.

Can they overcome Lilly’s ex disturbing her newfound peace and Derrick’s rich, aggressive client demanding his personal attention?

If you love small town charm, bruised hearts, and challenging decisions, return again to Azalea Valley.
An Inconvenient Attraction by Hope Malory
(Azalea Valley Series, #5)

An Inconvenient Attraction (Azalea Valley Series, #5)Ouch, both Derrick May and Lilly Barnesworth have been burned in love and matrimony. Both are now single parents and neither is looking for love. Lilly is only in Azalea Valley to heal amongst family in the charming little town. Who knew a chance rescue of a small boy and her medical expertise as a doctor would throw her already disheveled life into a heart-throbbing turmoil of confusion.

Is it Hope Malory’s creative magic or the magic of Azalea Valley that puts two hearts on a rocky road to learning to reach out again to a kindred spirit? AN INCONVENIENT ATTRACTION is the perfect title for this romance! Two people not looking for love, just trying to survive their pasts intact find themselves caught in a push-me-pull-me relationship they may or may not be ready for. BUT, the heart wants what the heart wants, now they only have to learn the art of trust and communication and they may stand a chance-if they are truly ready.

Sometimes there is nothing that feeds that reading hunger more than a sweet romance with a few rough edges to it. It gives readers a chance to put themselves in the characters’ places and of course, armchair quarterback what is happening, all the time wondering, are these two ready to take the plunge?

A quick read, filled with sweet kids, ex-spouses, and a green-eyed monster that could ruin the whole thing. Welcome back to the town where Cupid must have a field day working all that magic!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Hope Mallory! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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