Sunday, September 27, 2020

2120 by Aithal (The Galaxy Series, #4)

by Aithal

Series: The Galaxy Series - Book 4
Publisher : Season Ball (September 22, 2020)
Print Length : 154 pages
Available from: Amazon


Americans today face a toxic mix of COVID-19, a polarized political environment, a sometimes-violent racial upheaval, and climate-change induced natural disasters. And when you add severe constraints to man’s natural urges for exploring new lands and experiences, not to mention flights of fantasy into the future, we are truly in a downward inflection point of US history.  

2120 takes on all of America’s enormous challenges with aplomb, and offers a cohesive vision of the future that addresses the underlying causes of mega-issues ranging from human hubris towards our environment, to parochial interests driving US politics. 2120 makes the flights of fantasy into the future seem all too real, as the audience vicariously lives the future through vibrantly developed and thoroughly believable characters who humanize experiences despite owing their origins to other galaxies.  

Strap on your intellectual seat belts and plan for a binge read through “2120” as it prepares for the 2020 election season and humanity’s challenges in the upcoming decade.

2120 by Aithal (The Galaxy Series, #4)

I am a huge fan of Aithal’s creative writing. This author is not afraid to blend his story, 2120 with events from the past. This has worked well in the previous books in the series and provided a personal platform for political, environmental and social views, but this time out, I began to wonder if the emotional negativity referred to in this tale has actually colored, disrupted and tainted the story being told.

I found quite a bit of repetition, as if the author lost his train of thought in the fiction portion, being so eager to make divisive statements regarding contemporary times, over and over. Regardless of my opinions, whether I agree or not, I do feel that perhaps a more balanced approach would have made a better fit.

I read fiction to escape into another world, I understand alluding to events the contemporary world can relate to, but, for me, this went too far for a fantasy read and along with the fiction repetitions, over and over, I was never able to fully connect with the actual story.

I was offered a fictional read to review honestly, not a personal tirade. As I stated, I may or may not agree with statements made, but my rating is based on the quality of the world building and story flow. That said, the strength this author has shown in previous books was seriously lacking and I miss it.

I received a complimentary copy from Aithal. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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