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Psychic Whispers (Woodward Hill #1) by Arial Burnz & A.J. Nuest

Psychic Whispers
by Arial Burnz & A.J. Nuest


Series: Woodward Hill Mystery Romance - Book 1
Publisher : Mystical Press (September 22, 2020)
Genre: Psychic Suspense | Romance
Print Length : 244 pages
Available from: Amazon


What do you do when you find a human bone?

Try to locate the rest of the body, of course.

But Nikko Sanna didn't find the remains. The stray he took in dragged it back to his kennel. Too bad he can't ask the dog where he dug up the clue to a 20-year-old cold case.

Or can he?

Enter Inara Woodward—veterinarian, pet psychic and a member of the town's founding family. Nik might be able to ignore the fact she's a Woodweird...if her animal whisperer gifts can help him. Uncovering the truth may be the only thing that will stop the rumors about his family's involvement in the case. What he can't ignore is how badly he wants the leggy blonde vet in his bed.

Unfortunately, someone doesn't want them digging up trouble. A stalker, a ghost, Woodward Hill's nosy reporter...they'll use the dark secrets hidden in Nik's past to bring the couple down.

Even if it means burying them six feet under.


The Gothic mansion of the Woodward family casts a mysterious shadow over the quaint resort town of Woodward Hill. Amidst the storybook homes dotting the California mountainside surrounding the lake, whispers of the founding family’s sordid history color the atmosphere with danger…and create the perfect setting for intrigue, romance and suspense.

The Woodward Hill Mystery Romance—paranormal romance meets small-town mysteries, so expect some hot steam between the sheets with intriguing mysteries to be unraveled.

Psychic Whispers (Woodward Hill #1)

by Arial Burnz &  A.J. Nuest 

What happens when two of your favorite authors put their heads and creative hearts together? You get one amazing read filled with crisp, razor-taut writing that seems to make steam rise off the pages!

Arial Burnz and A.J. Nuest are kicking off a new romantic mystery series with PSYCHIC WHISPERS and as if their combined talent isn’t enough, they threw in a D-O-G, a few psychic talents and a twenty-year-old mystery that started with an arm bone. Well, one dog’s treasure is his human’s bone of contention. Yep, I was hooked from page one.

The small town of Woodward Hill is about to have its dark secrets revealed as Nikko Sanna turns to Inara Woodward, veterinarian and psychic animal whisperer to help unearth more fodder for the local gossip mills. The grisly discovery also put them in the cross hairs of those who would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie and closed case murders remain closed.

Who knew that in spite of the dangers, these two would find some passionate chemistry between the sheets? Will Nik and Inara discover whose body they have an arm for or who the killer really was? It won’t change the past, but it may open an entirely different future, providing they survive as they find more than they bargained for, both good and bad. Who’s been fooling who are all these years and why?

Well-crafted, filled with characters one can’t help but root for, lots of deceit, lots of heat and don’t forget the dog! A brilliant foundation for a new mystery series with a touch of the paranormal and passion! Highly recommended, so what are you waiting for? Come on, there is a dog!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Arial Burnz & A.J. Nuest! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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