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Andromeda's Rebel by Debra Jess (Heroes of Andromeda Book 1)

Andromeda's Rebel
by Debra Jess

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Heroes of Andromeda - Book 1
Publisher : City Owl Press (November 3, 2020)
Genre: Space Opera
Print length : 346 pages
Available from:  Amazon


They took the sky from her, and her memory, but no one could take away her rebellious spirit.

Mind-wiped and implanted with a death collar in case she should get out of line, Manitac's corporate flunkies told Tamarja Chase that love could never be a part of her new life. However, working on a paradise planet as the director’s personal shuttle pilot does have its perks and Tamarja intends to take advantage of both.

Perk number one: dark and sensuous Yohzad Cyrek, her parole officer and personal champion.

Perk number two: Daeven Blayde, a blond and brooding badass, who can't decide if he wants to throttle her, kiss her, or both.

Falling for Yohzad would scratch all her rebellious itches by breaking the rules about prisoner and officer relationships, but not even he has the power to set her free.

Pursuing Daeven would be like loving a lightning strike: powerful, explosive, and deadly.

But, when other mind-wiped slaves start disappearing, her love life quickly becomes the least of her worries. Death collar or not, Tamarja takes a stand—one that could not only kill her but lose her the man who truly loves her and force her to kill the other.

Andromeda's Rebel by Debra Jess
(Heroes of Andromeda Book 1)

They took most of her memory and gave her a death collar. One step out of line and she could be killed. Now Tamarja Chase’s life is one of a semi-captive, a slave, but no one could take her strong will or her ability to create opportunity out of the mess her life has become. Once a rebel…

What of her heart? Two men, both she could consider the enemy, lost memories that haunt her and now there are mind-wiped slaves who are disappearing and Tamarja is determined to find out why and how to save them. Maybe all isn’t as it seems…maybe her enemies are hidden in the shadows and not those she can see.

Welcome to a high-octane space opera by Debra Jess that soars with action, intrigue and that science fiction feel for those whose minds travel to different galaxies and the what-ifs in the stars! Welcome to ANDROMEDA’S REBEL. Highly recommended!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Debra Jess! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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