Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Chasing the Taillights by Kate Larkindale

Chasing The Taillights
by Kate Larkindale

My rating: 4.5 Stars 
Fabulous story that overplayed a few points

Expected publication: February 26th 2021 by Evernight Teen

Lucy and Tony share nothing except genes. Tony’s the champion diver destined for greatness. Lucy’s biggest concern is getting Cute Guy from the burger joint to ask her out.

After an accident kills their parents, the siblings are forced to rely on one another—and decide whether to reveal their secrets.

Lucy can’t tell Tony what she knows about the accident for fear of destroying the tentative bond between them. If she doesn’t confess, she might lose her mind. If she does, she might lose the only person she has left who loves her.

Tony has problems too. Between diving practice, classes and concealing the crush he has on his best friend Jake, Tony needs to find room in his life for his sister, but his own stability dwindles with every passing day.

As the siblings struggle to overcome a lifetime of past conflicts and jealousies, they discover they might have more in common than a love of rock music. 

Chasing the Taillights by Kate Larkindale

Kate Larkindale’s CHASING THE TAILLIGHTS is a story of finding the meaning of family, of the true value of a sibling and of learning to draw strength together in times of great sorrow.

Their parents were killed in an accident. Tony was away at college and Lucy survived the crash, her memories of that night lost. What caused the crash? Was her father so intoxicated he lost control?

Deciding to live together, Tony has taken on the role of guardian to the sister he never had a relationship with. Can they make it work or is there something else they need to work out first?

Ms. Larkindale has created a heart wrenching story of survival, of hidden truths, of loneliness, confusion and guilt as two teens struggle to overcome both their loss and the barriers that have kept them strangers. Emotionally charged, filled with great dialogue, both inner and outward, the struggles feel real and powerful.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Evernight Teen! this is my honest and voluntary review.

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