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Foolish Hope (Fearless Fairwells #3) by Augustine Lang

Foolish Hope
by Augustine Lang

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Fearless Fairwells - Book 3
Publication date : August 14, 2020
Publisher: Augustine Lang
Genre: Regency Romance
Print length : 237 pages
Available from: Amazon


A fallen woman able to make her own choices for the first time. A wounded war hero just managing to keep his life together. Will their attraction heal or hurt?

Louisa Green, perfect of face and painfully shy, never knew she might be anything other than a wife. Then she committed two of society’s highest sins: she became a gentleman’s mistress—and jilted him on the way to their wedding.

In doing so, she lost everything…and unexpectedly gained the first freedom she’s ever known.

Ned Fairwell, injured in the battle of Albuera, is barely managing to keep his life together. His reputation as a cranky and reclusive war hero is well-deserved. But there’s only so far you can hide from the people living in your own house. Especially now that his incorrigible sister has made him responsible for her shy, ruined, and utterly beautiful friend.

It’s bad enough that Miss Green is under his roof and that she’s asking for his help to find work.

What would be worse is if she leaves.

Foolish Hope (Fearless Fairwells #3) by Augustine Lang 

She was damaged in the eyes of society, a fallen woman. He was damaged by war and he felt like only half a man. They couldn’t have been a more mismatched pair, but one thing they had in common was they did not want to marry. Can the damaged recluse and the free-spirited lady work through their mutual dislike to discover a love that would help them flourish, not flounder?

FOOLISH HOPE by Augustine Lang is like a breath of fresh air for regency romance! With a heroine who was like a glittery square peg in in a world of bland round holes and a hero who never recovered from the horrors of war and the damage it physically did to his body and soul, this story allows for humor, heart and a slowly growing romance to bud to perfection. Perfect for these two, anyway.

A wonderfully colorful read that pushes the boundaries of propriety in a painfully straight-laced world. Prepare to feel anger at such a small-minded world, fierce loyalty to each character and be amazed at how well Augustine Lang wraps this romance up with flair!

I received a complimentary copy from Augustine Lang! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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