Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Bone Valley by Candace Robinson

The Bone Valley
by Candace Robinson

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher : Midnight Tide Publishing (October 13, 2021)
Publication date : October 13, 2021
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print length : 249 pages
Available from: Amazon


After the death of his parents, Anton Bereza works hard to provide for his younger siblings. Love has never been in the cards for him, especially after desperation forces Anton to sell himself for coin. And he has no idea that, beneath the city of Kedaf, lies a place called the Bone Valley.

When Anton’s jealous client plots against him, he is cursed to spend eternity in a world where all that remains are broken bones. There, Anton meets Nahli Yan—a woman who once tried to steal from him—and his cards begin to change. But as the spark between them ignites, so does their desire to escape. All that stands in their way is the deceitful Queen of the Afterlife, who is determined to wield her deadly magic to break Anton and Nahli apart. Forever.

The Bone Valley by Candace Robinson

Candace Robinson looks so normal, yet, her imagination is anything but! In her latest dark tale, THE BONE VALLEY, she invites us to follow her down a dark path that begins innocently enough, but becomes a twisted tale of vile magic, unlikely allies and a fantasy that will leave chills running up your spine.

Anton did what he had to do to help support his orphaned family in his small village. Looked down upon by his neighbors, he found coin as a prostitute with a mysterious, yet wealthy benefactress. When her demands became unbearable, Anton discovers he is no match for this monstrous female and her dark powers.

Nahli lives life as a loner, looking out only for herself, but her stealing from Anton would put them both on a path of danger, fear and death.

Can the two of them thwart the evil that holds them captive or is it too late?

Rich with a heavy atmosphere, obsidian dark and sinister, once again, Candace Robinson brings home a riveting tale with her no holds barred writing!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Candace Robinson! This is my honest and voluntary review.

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