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Tome Tender likes to reads romance, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, young adult, steampunk, fantasy, and paranormal fiction.  Tome Tender does read other genres not listed above, but the list above is our preferred reading choices.

Please note that Tome Tender will be honest and fair in all the reviews.  This means that whether Tome Tender likes your book (or not) the review will be posted.  All books read for review are our honest and voluntary opinions.    Tome Tender’s reviews may also appear on, in part or in its entirety on the following sites (but are not guaranteed):

Tome Tender Blogspot (of course)
Barnes and Nobles

Tome Tender is open for author interviews, contests and/or giveaways and guest posts.  Requests do not guarantee a review. 

Tome Tender also loves beautiful and artistic covers and is more than willing to do cover reveals and book blurbs for any book that will be reviewed when scheduling allows.

If you would like your book to be considered for a review, please send an email to: 
tometender (at)

Please include “Book Review Request” in the subject line.  Please also include the following information in your email:

1)      Author’s Name
2)      Book Title 
3)      Email Address
4)      Book Blurb or description with Genre Noted
5)      Website Link (if Applicable)
6)      Interest in author interview and/or contest / giveaway
7)      Deadline or date review needs to be completed (for ARC copies)

Digital formats such as MOBI, KINDLE  and PDF are preferred but Printed Books, EPUB and audio books files are also accepted.

Any review copies that are received will not be sold or distributed in anyway.

*Due to a high request volume, Tome Tender cannot always accommodate all review requests.
*Due to Tome Tender’s scheduling, all requests cannot always be accommodated and/or accepted. 

Giveaway Policy

For giveaway providers:
  • Provider is responsible for sending all prize(s) directly to winner.
  • Provider will be emailed winner(s) information upon their winning.
  • Giveaways will be promoted on the Tome Tender Blogspot as well as other social networking sites when deemed necessary.
Giveaway Entrants:
  • Winner(s) are chosen at random via
  • Winner(s) will be contacted if they win.  They have 3 days (72 hours) to claim their prize.  If the prize is not claimed within the time frame of 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen. The new winner will have 3 days (72 hours) from the time of  notification to claim their prize.
  • Personal information is only given to Provider for prize receipt.
  • Tome Tender reserves the right to end a giveaway early without notice or prolong if it is deemed necessary.
  • Tome Tender reserves the right to disqualify an entry.
  • Tome Tender is not responsible for lost, misdirected or damaged items.
  • Tome Tender is not responsible for prize receipt.


  1. Hi Beth!

    Thanks for the welcome email. I like your blog! I have followed and would love it if you'd return the favor. I'm at:

    I'm also going to send you an email about possibly reviewing my book and doing an interview...? Thanks! robyn

  2. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your reviews! You have never steered me wrong!

    1. Ditto Dii, that's why we make a perfect reading team!

  3. Hi, I'm following your blog and I have liked your FB page! Thanks so much if you can find the time for a follow back!

    Lisa Degerstrom

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for the following. I went to your Front Porch Post Blog, you should be very proud of your Vietnam Vet Grandfather!

  4. Hi. I love your blog. It's great. I've been nominated for the Lieger Blogger Award, and I've nominated you too! Congrats. Check out this post for more details -

  5. Thank you for the beautiful job you did for SHINE!

  6. Dianne, thank you so much for the great review of "Deadly Catch: A Mac McClellan Mystery!" --Michael

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    I will be hosting a giveaway for a new kindle fire hdx this month. I was hoping you could feature it on your fabulous website.

    Let me know,

  8. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. Visit my blog for details. Congrats!

  9. I love your blog and your review style! I submitted a review request back in April. If you decide you're willing to give it a read and review, please let me know so that I can gift you a copy! Thank you for considering and keep up the great review work!

  10. Hello Dianne - thanks for retweet! I just tried to follow your blog (which is rather a nice one, isn't it?!), but Google wouldn't let me for some reason - I'll try again later. Anyway, I've read a couple of your reviews, and would love you to review one of mine. I'm a good girl when it comes to promoting blogs, too - I don't just ask for a review, never to be seen again! I'll be in touch shortly :)

  11. Dianne Bylo is, in my honest opinion, the best reviewer in the business! I've been traditionally published since 1990 and have never met a more sincere, honest reviewer in my entire writing career. Highly recommended! -- E. Michael Helms

  12. I found your site thru a Goodreads contest link. It didn't matter since the contest was over! So, I saw that you had other giveaways, but I hit at least 4 links where it shows the ending date for the contests and that they were still running. But EVERY TIME I did, I got an error saying it couldn't show that page. REALLY SUX, cuz you have a lot of good giveaways! I sure hope ur able to remedy this asap. Thanks!

  13. A little shoutout for you to say thank you for your support.

  14. Dianne, you are the best friend an indie author ever had.

    First, thanks for the wonderful review you gave "Child of Privilege."

    Second, you did a STELLAR job with my author interview, the introduction of the book to your readers, the tweets, and the whole nine yards (including the patient education of a certain social media newbie author!).

    Third, I'm very grateful for the endearing comments and good wishes from so many of your wonderful readers.

    Finally, I've actually started "chapter 1, page 1" of a second novel. I guess I just can't get rid of this writing bug!

    As E. Michael Helms so succinctly noted, you are the BEST. A thousand thanks ... and let's stay in touch.

  15. I like your blog and i'm following it, please follow back mine too, i'm interested for yours review and i will follow your twitter too, best regards :)

  16. Just wanted to tell you how much I love the beautiful photo at the top of your blog!

  17. It took me FOREVER to find where to leave a comment!!! It's like a very long, frustrating, treasure hunt, without the treasure! :/

    1. We are at the mercy of Blogger's set up, it has a learning curve, glad you stuck it out, Devra! Dianne

  18. Thanks for the opportunity to read one of your novels. Not my usual genre but I like to keep one or two on the shelf for when the mood strikes. I'm sure this one will be an immediate read for me. It looks really interesting.

  19. Thanks very much for taking the time to read and review both of my books. The attention you have brought to my writing is truly appreciated. Best wishes, John

  20. I follow your blog! Love all the giveaways and great reviews. Just wanted to let you know though, one of those giveaway links doesn't seem to be working when I click on it: Aligned by Ella Miles.

  21. I would love your honest opinion on villain my Twitter account is fisherman1985 kindest regards Davy

  22. I would love your honest opinion on villain my Twitter account is fisherman1985 kindest regards Davy

  23. Hi Dianne. Thanks so much for your State Of Wyoming reviews! Gillian Will

  24. Dii is awesome and so is her site. She does the most wonderfully summarized reviews. She writes a better summary of my books than I could do, which is wonderful and special when she gives you a review. And I love her site, too, such diversity of content and great graphics! Class act!